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Water Reservoirs and Water Towers


The CS-600 is designed for underwater cleaning applications, demanding a strong and rugged cleaner that can handle large amounts of sand and mud. The specifically designed tracks allow the cleaner to move reliably in very sandy conditions without getting stuck. The camera allows the operator to see the front end of the cleaner during the cleaning operation.


The CS-600 is remote controlled (normally radio) but may also be programmed for certain applications. For aggressive liquids, the CS-600 may be delivered with a special protective coating. The S-600 is delivered with a 40 meter floating cable (umbilical) and a transport trolley.



Technical Data:

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 740 x 630 x 360 mm
Pump capacity: 70 kub. m/h
Speed: 12 m/min
Power consumption: 2.3 kW
Other: Fixed video camera

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