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World leading underwater cleaning technology

Underwater cleaning robots

Underwater cleaner ROV for large reservoirs: YT800

YT-800 Israel .1.jpg

With 15kW pump capacity this YT800 keeps the bottom of larger reservoirs clean and free from sedimentation.

The YT800 can be equipped with on-board pumps up to 22kW and with nozzle widths from 80cm (2.7ft) to 500cm (16.5ft).

Robot cleaner for smaller reservoirs: VR50

VR-50 copy.jpg

In these days the importance of saving water is steadily increasing. Traditional cleaning of all types of reservoirs has required draining with staff inside the reservoirs. This is no longer accepted on many of the world markets due to safety risks for the staff. Plus the unnecessary waste of water. Cleaning with in-tank divers is in many cases a thing of the past. 

Weda underwater cleaners makes it possible to clean reservoirs of all kinds and totally avoid human entry. Besides a lot of water is saved. In many cases processed water.

Efficient Cleaning

WEDA autonomous and semi-autonomous underwater robotic and remotely operated vehicles offer exceptional cleaning capability with long-term and cost-effective operation. Highest quality components ensure low maintenance cost and rapid return on investment.


Our heavy duty industrial and reservoir cleaning systems provide on-line cleaning without disrupting production or shutting down lines. It's the safest and most efficient method of tank and reservoir cleaning.



WEDA pool cleaners first came to the worldwide market in the 1980s, cleaning large residential and commercial pools.



with the very best cleaning and suction capacity. With very few plastic components in our cleaners they last longer and is better for the environment.


Schools and universities; navy, army and air force; hotels and country clubs; bio-pools; recreational centers and water parks as well as private homes are among the everyday users of WEDA pool cleaners.


Outstanding HEAVY DUTY PERFORMANCE. WEDA industrial Reservoir Cleaning Systems are used in a multitude of applications - from cleaning floors and walls in fish tanks to the hot side in nuclear plants.


Add cooling towers, steel manufacturing, glass factories, waste water, pulp- and paper mills, desalination plants, oil industry, mining and many other environments where water is being used and treated and you will find WEDA in just about every industrial sector across the globe.


Water Treatment

Potable water tanks and reservoirs are cleaned on-line using WEDA Reservoir Cleaning Systems. Developing and manufacturing Underwater Cleaning Solutions for more than fifty years WEDA has the experience and know how.

Cleaning methods involving divers and other outdated techniques is becoming increasingly impractical and unnecessarily complicated and expensive. With WEDA, robotic on-line cleaning and inspection can be offered att lower cost and with less risk than other methods.


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